That Radio Show

Well, you WILL listen

​Ken started his broadcasting “career” in hospital radio at Radio North Angus in around 1993. He was a PA to the main DJ and was responsible for the usual tea making and getting records from the library, as well as reading out the top 40 charts on air. He was fired from RNA for allegedly stealing a Michael Bolton CD (true story!). He didn’t steal it of course because he has taste, but the boss never liked him much anyway so knickers to him!

His next adventure in radio was Select 107 in Whitehaven. (“Whitehaven and West Coast Cumbria’s Home Of The Hits”) in 1999. He was a studio manager and presenter of a few shows on the station which lasted a month as the station was an RSL (Restricted Service Licence), including the ill-fated 3-6am slot when absolutely nobody was listening.

He then drifted into holiday camp entertaining for a while and eventually some time later found himself at Wyrelite Radio in 2018 bringing you an hour of the cheesiest songs radio can offer. By February 2019, the Cheese Shop began broadcasting a 2 hour show on Coast and County Radio in Scarborough, 10am - 12pm.

On April 23rd 2019, the hour-long Cheese Shop show was replaced by Ken’s second show, The Ellaway Hour, on Wyrelite and the Cheese Shop then became a Coast and County Radio only show for a while.

A second 2 hour Cheese Shop show began on Carillon Wellbeing Radio (CWR) 1476AM on 20th November 2019, 2pm - 4pm.

In early 2020. Ken began an additional general afternoon show on a Thursday with Coast and County Radio from 2pm-4pm.

On 22nd February 2020, the newly renamed Oddbox Radio hit the airwaves of Coast and County before spreading to CWR a couple of weeks later.

On 13th March 2022, Oddbox Radio changed name again and became That Radio Show UK and can now only be heard on Carillion Wellbeing Radio (CWR) 1476MW or
Who know what will happen next folks? Watch this space......!
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